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Nationwide Recovery Systems
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Financial Services Industry

For over 40 years, NRS has been providing 1st and 3rd party collection services to a cross-section of departments within the financial services industry. We recognize that not all clients are the same. As such, our business development team works closely with our clients to design accounts receivable management programs specific to their individual needs.

The markets we service includes;

Communications and Energy Industries

The communications and energy industries include a wide range of telco, internet and cable providers and utility companies across a multitude of geographic markets. Our collection programs cater to the residential and commercial markets and across all stages of the Customer Life Cycle, with a full suite of service choices and product offerings. Our accounts receivable management programs focus on 2 strategic areas;


Outstanding public individual and business debt is a growing concern for government. Faced with a constant need to provide creative and effective collection services, timely and efficient government debt collection helps improve operations, maintain key programs and reduce budget deficits.

We are able to draw on our vast experience and success across various government programs to manage the full debt management cycle with a combination of consultative services and innovative collection optimization tools.

Our collection programs are focused on the 3 levels of government and the various needs within each;