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Founded in 1979, Nationwide Recovery Systems (NRS) is a nationally recognized Accounts Receivable Management Company providing services to the Healthcare, Commercial, and Consumer industries. NRS is based in Texas and services client accounts on a national and international basis. We represent clients of all sizes across a wide range of industries, including; ambulatory, hospital, healthcare networks, physician practices, logistics, distribution, construction, leasing, rental, retail, banking, and credit card.

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NRS believes that our clients deserve the highest ROI, superior customer communication, and the most efficient processes to quickly resolve payment delays. With a focus in the healthcare industry, NRS is recognized as a leader in all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management; including accounts receivable administration, billing, collections, and insurance claim resolution.

Making the best effort for our clients.

The relationship between an agency (NRS), our clients, and their customers is of utmost importance to our staff. The collections industry is an integral part of the financial life cycle of every business large and small. Businesses work tirelessly to build and maintain relationships with the customers and insure return business. It is the goal of Nationwide Recovery Systems to find a mutually beneficial agreement with consumers to resolve our clients’ outstanding Accounts Receivables.

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