Does Nationwide Recovery Systems provide collection services to the healthcare field?
Yes, NRS specializes in debt collection services to the entire range of healthcare providers – from single practitioners to major institutions (hospitals) and ambulatory services requiring major delinquent account management and cash-flow assistance.
NRS will accept any account with an outstanding balance of over twenty-five dollars.
We do not collect fees from you until monies are collected. The fee will vary depending on whether an account is commercial, healthcare, or consumer debt, and whether the account is a primary or secondary placement. In addition, the age of the account may affect the fee.
A consumer debt is money owed by an individual person to a business. A commercial debt is money owed by one business to another business.
It is important to notify us immediately, so we can properly communicate to consumers or stop the collection process and satisfy the account.
Credit reporting services can be requested by clients at no additional cost to the client. NRS will report your accounts to the credit bureaus monthly.
Through our client portal you can monitor your accounts, provide updated information, and communicate securely to NRS staff. In addition, you can request updates from your Account Manager as often as you like.
Licensing and bond requirements differ by state. Nationwide Recovery Systems is licensed in most states. Please contact our Sales department about your specific needs.

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