Why does Nationwide Recovery Systems appear on my credit bureau report?
Nationwide Recovery Systems reports past due accounts to credit bureaus at the request of our clients. If you feel information reported is incorrect, please visit our Contact Us page or call 1-800-458-6357.

Nationwide Recovery Systems, Ltd. handles several different business matters involving consumers. The telephone calls could be in relation to the collection of a delinquent debt, a call regarding an existing business service, or other personal business matter.

If you believe that you are receiving calls from NRS in error, please contact us so that we can correct the situation and cease calls to you.

Please contact us with the reference number associated for your account and an explanation of the concern. Please be prepared to provide details regarding your bankruptcy case.
Nationwide Recovery Systems has the authority to negotiate discounts or settlements for many of our clients. To see if your account is eligible for a discount or settlement, please contact us at 800-458-6357.
NRS honors consumer requests to stop scheduled payments. Please contact us toll free at 800-458-6357 and provide our representative with information regarding your account, and the payment you would like to stop.

We conduct business primarily in English. However, we may employ foreign language speakers from time to time and may, at the request of a consumer, accommodate verbal communication in a foreign language when available. We do not offer translation services and do not offer translations of communications.

A translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the New York City Department of Consumer Affair’s website, www.nyc.gov/dca.

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