Commercial Services


Confusion arising from debts owed between General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, their Sub-Contractors, and so-on can make collecting past-due accounts a challenge. NRS will fight through the blame-games, utilize liens, file the bond claims; whatever it takes to get those funds back to you, our client.


After a product has been shipped, shipping and freight costs can often go neglected, and with so many competitors around, refusing future shipments is not an effective method of coxing payment. Nonpayment issues can become even more complex when shipping overseas. Let NRS use our extensive experience to your advantage!

Distribution / Merchandising

When a customer violates your credit terms and ignores your payment notices, you can look toward Nationwide Recovery Systems to collect those outstanding invoices. Whether navigating the details of a disputed invoice, filing suit on a refusal to pay, or simply bringing a customer back to the table after they have broken off the lines of communication, NRS will be there for you.


Providing services to a company can carry a high risk of default. Without a tangible product and the service already completed, services tend to become one of the first invoices removed from the payables list. Sometimes companies just don’t see the value in the labor, knowledge, and licensing it took to provide that service to them. Let NRS put you back at the top of their payments priority list!

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